Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Blog Site!!!

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I last posted here.  I miss you all!  Within the past year I graduated and became Dr. Jes finally, and Chris and I were happily married!  I have also taken a break from running and am doing hot vinyasa yoga.  I am completely addicted to yoga!  (In addition, my tinnitus is nearly gone!  Perhaps it is a result of decreased stress as a result of graduating, maybe it is the mouth guard I got after noticing I was clenching my teeth at night, maybe it is the fabulous yoga I've been doing, or a combination of all three.  Either way, the ringing is significantly less!)

Chris and I are exploring new hobbies, including art classes and photography.  We have just started a new blog about our exploration of these our new hobbies and our adventures.  I would love for you to follow.

Here are some pictures to recap the past year:
Engagement photos, April 2012 [Photo by Studio222 Photography]
Engagement photos, April 2012 [Photo by Studio222 Photography]
Happy couple! Engagement photos, April 2012 [Photo by Studio222 Photography]
Graduation, August 2012
Sooo in love! November 2012 [Photo by Studio222 Photography]
With my new husband (o: November 2012 [Photo by Studio222 Photography]
The most wonderful day of our lives! November 2012 [Photo by Studio222 Photography]
Picture of a bee that I took
I am obsessed with our macro lens

Top: My charcoal, Bottom: Chris's


Our New Blog! jesandchris[dot]net

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busy busy bee

Life is crazy busy yet absolutely fantastic at the moment.  Just dropping by to say I am still alive and kicking. (o:  Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am still alive!

I have not forgotten my blog, and I do miss all the bloggers out there.  I have been super busy with school, which is the main reason for not blogging.  The other reason is that since I joined the running group and have been running consistently with them, I no longer feel the need to blog for motivation.  I am still running.  I have let my goal of running three days a week slide a few times, but has been due to injuries and scheduling.  I have been consistently running, which was the main reason for the goal, so I am not beating myself up about it.  Chris and I have been training for a half marathon that is a week from Saturday, but I just developed a pretty painful injury in my foot, so we will see what happens.  Thursday I am supposed to run my first turkey trot, but again we will see what happens. 

Since I last blogged, I entered my thirties, and to be honest life is pretty great right now!  Life is busy but wonderful!  I hope that you all are doing well!  Happy early Thanksgiving to you all!