Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well after 70 consecutive weeks of running at least three days a week, I had to break the streak due to an injury.  The week before last I only made one run.  I most likely tore my plantaris tendon in my left calve.  It resulted in a very sore calve and a limp for a few days.  Luckily, after a week off, my leg was back to normal!  I even ran the 1st Operation Give-Back 5K yesterday with Chris!  I did not PR; instead, Chris and I just ran the race together for run.  The night before we were out late visiting with my oldest best friend, Clare, who I had not seen in over three years!  We did not get to bed until late and knew we would have a busy day at my friend's wedding, so we decided to just enjoy this run.  I am back to running with three runs this past week. (o:   I have also been keeping up with my arm and ab work-outs.  Push-ups are getting easier, which is proof that my weekly work-outs are making progress.  Yay!

I know I haven't been blogging much, but I have been busy with research, wedding planning, and just hanging out with Chris.  I haven't been in the mood to blog as much, but I am sure that will change soon.  In very exciting news, Chris graduated with his Master's Degree in Computer Engineering!  I am sooooooo proud of him!!!

Now here are some pictures from the past few weeks:
Ashe's new mat
Zack getting his chin scratched
Kirby in his new bed
My super hot and brilliant fiance, Chris.
Family pictures!
Very poor picture of my computer monitor where I watched the royal wedding live. (o:
My pineapple growing.
Orlando Magic game!

Easter egg hunt the adult way. (o;

Breakfast night at Caitlin and Ryan's
Crazy cute kitties at the pet store
Yummy Infusion Tea!
He prefers meat. LOL
Pineapple getting bigger!
Graduation Day!
With my Clarey!!!
Chris and I with Clare and her bf Louis!
at our friend's wedding
Love the photo booth!
with my love. (o:
Funny research error in MATLab. "Transpose help"
4 generations!
Beautiful bride and handsome groom!
 I hope that you all are doing well!  Have a spectacular week!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Looks like things are going really well. I'm happy for you! :)


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