Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Running my third half marathon for my b-day...

I really need to get back to practicing my presentation, but I couldn't resist posting about my next half marathon. Yesterday I registered to run the Dublin Adidas Half Marathon on September 20, 2008! That's right, Dublin, IRELAND!!!!! And it's two days after my birthday, so I will be celebrating the big 27 in Europe!!!! I am super psyched!

I have a 10K scheduled for Saturday, then the 7-mile Bridge run in Key West April 19th. Then I will continue to increase my long distance runs for half marathon training. I also have the Muddy Buddy race May 10th. I have been running at least a couple days a week, working in speed work-outs as well. I've also been going to pilates and spinning whenever I get a chance.

I hope everyone is doing well! I am less than a week away from my defense. I will let you all know how it goes. Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hello, my name is C.S.I.....

I'm stopping by to make a few quick updates. Life has been very busy. Yesterday I handed my adviser my 123 page thesis. I feel like it should be twice as long. My defense date was moved to April Fool's Day.... interesting. Now I am concentrating on creating my presentation.

Along with that, I have been running and hitting a few classes at the gym. The running is going well. It's pretty short and sweet, but I've been doing some speed work as well. A bunch of us, roommate included, are going to run the 7 Mile Bridge in Key West in April. I'm extremely excited! We are also looking into another half marathon in September, but I will write about that another time.

I took time out from school today to go hashing. It was a green dress run, which meant EVERYONE wore green dresses (well there were a few who didn't, but there were plenty of others, guys and girls, who did!). I was even given a St. Patty's Day lei and beer goggles. LOL. I'll try to put up a picture when I get a copy. The trail was fabulous!!! We even ran through a storm drain. Granted my shoes were soaking wet, but it was fun. At the end of the hash there was food, including chocolate cake... delicious! I did hash two other times since my pre-naming, but the pack couldn't come up with a good name for me. I have officially been named today. My new hashing name is Cum Stain Inspector... initials C.S.I., since I'm studying forensic science. It is quite amusing, and it could definitely be worse. lol.

(update... picture wearing "beer goggles". LOL)

I hope everyone in blog land is doing well! I miss reading your blogs, but I hopefully after April 1st I will have more time! Have a great rest of the month!!! And Happy St. Patty's Day!