2011 Goals

This blog started in 2007 when my old roommate and I started running (not even being able to make it a half a mile).  My goal was to complete a half marathon, and I did in December 2007.  I feel that blogging helped me reach my goal.

Since writing about my 2010 goal proved to be a success, I am going to continue writing about my annual goals.  My goal in 2010 was to see how many of the 52 weeks in the year I could run at least 3 days.  I did not have any minimum distance planned, but it turned out that for the first 26 weeks my minimum distance was 2 miles, and for the second half of the year my minimum distance was 3 miles.  As of this evening on December 31, 2010, I have accomplished my goal by running at least three days a week for the entire 52 weeks I am honestly very proud of myself.

I have decided that for 2011, I am going to keep my goal at 3 days a week.  I really considered increasing to 4 days a week or making a goal of 1,000 for the year, but to be perfectly honest, I feel like a minimum of 3 days a week was enough to challenge me without being stressful while balancing school.  Not only that, but it allowed me buffer room for taking days off when I have felt ill or had minor injuries.  I have made it the entire year without any significant injuries, which I do attribute to not over-training.  I certainly may run more than 3 days a week, and I did for a few weeks in 2010 (although I'll admit that I was at 3 days more than anything else).  In addition to running a minimum of 3 days a week, I want to add in 1 day of doing some type of upper body work-out as well as an ab work-out.  Since it is not something I do regularly, this may start as doing some push-ups or lifting some light weights.  I figure at least 1 day a week is better than nothing.  Like last year, I am going to keep a running count on my main blog page.  In terms of racing, I would like to get a sub 27 minute 5K (accomplished 5/28/11), and a new PR for my 10K.  I also want to try for a sub 2 hour half marathon.   I also want to be better about stretching!

I also intend to do a better job at keeping up with folding and putting away the laundry.  I am great at washing it, but not so great at putting it away... Chris will especially like this goal. 


  1. You sound like your 2011 will be pretty great as well :-)

  2. Congrats on sticking to your goals in 2010 and good luck with your new ones in 2011! You may end up surprising yourself quite a bit with your accomplishments in 2011!

  3. Too funny. I just noticed this tab and laughed because I have a blog post about MY problem with laundry follow-through and another about goals I set for this year. That's why we get along! lol

    That, and that you're awesome... ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Awesome Blog! Congratulations on the choice to take it to the next level. Also, some great quotes and inspiration here.
    Keep up the great work!
    Gotta Run,


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