Sunday, April 10, 2011

I survived the race!

The race was wonderful!  Getting home was a challenge.  I am quite sore today however.  I will fill you in on all of this later this week when I get some race photos from new friends I met on Saturday.

Everything is going well here.  I've been busy with work/school.  I hope you all are doing great!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More blonde

This week we had some serious rain!  In with the rain, out with the 12 mile run I had planned.  I technically could have run it on Friday or Saturday, but I was really tired after work Friday and ended up hanging out with a friend all day Saturday.  Honestly, I am no longer concerned.  I will run my race on Saturday and have fun.  I did manage three 3-mile runs (Thursday-Saturday in 33:20, 29:54, and 30:52).  I also did a very quick arm and ab work-out.  I'll admit, it was a pretty lame work-out this week.

In more exciting news, I tried on wedding dresses for the first time this past week.  I wanted to get an idea of what styles I liked on me, and I had originally intended to go by myself.  I ended up being very happy that Caitlin convinced me I should have someone go with me.  She ended up going with me, and I would have felt very overwhelmed without her there.  I learned I definitely like an ivory color better than a pure white.  That was on Thursday. 

On Saturday, I decided to lightened my hair. I got several highlights put in my hair, and I love them!  My hair has been slowly getting darker as I get older, and it was time for a change.  When I went for my much needed hair cut, I just decided to go crazy and highlight my hair (well that is crazy for me!).  As usual, just a trim of my hair makes it look so much shorter (darn curly hair!), but hopefully it will grow out fast.  After getting my hair done, I met up with a friend for lunch and a fun afternoon of window shopping.  We ate at a delicious turkish restaurant in Winter Park.
 Then when we were walking around, we happened to walk by a bridal boutique and decided to go in.  I found a dress that I loved!  I dislike the picture of the dress online, but I really loved it on me.  I have plenty of time, so I am not going to quit looking yet, but it was exciting to find a dress I loved.
My pineapple is growing!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!  I cannot wait to write about my race on Saturday!