Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures of Zack the Kitten

Having a baby kitten definitely put a damper in my work outs. Well that and the amount of studying I've been doing. I told myself I wouldn't update pictures until I ran... and I finally ran last night. I had to time my run between thunderstorms and only ran 1.75 miles, but I did it. I also worked out my arms/legs/abs this week. Yay! I'm determine to run two more days and continue with my other work-outs. Kyle's birthday hash is on Saturday, which should be fun. My goal is to go back to running three times a week, even if it's only 2 mile runs (I have been working late and don't want to run outside by myself seeing as there is a potential serial killer in the area targeting white female joggers!). Now that the vet said I can skip the 2:30 am kitty feedings, I'm finding myself not as tired.

Zack is just shy of 5 oz now. His eyes opened on Friday, June 13th (same day as my little sister's 16th birthday and the same day I bought my car)! His ears are open as well. He loves to crawl all over the place! Here are some updated pictures of the "baby". I plan on taking some pictures of my car this weekend, if the crazy stormy weather permits.

Back to studying!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kitten Update

I took the kitten to the vet yesterday. He weighs 3 oz and is estimated to be about a week old, if not younger. We will have a better idea of how old he is when he opens his eyes (the vet said this happens around 2 weeks of age). The vet said to feed him kitten formula every 4 hours. Luckily I work close to home, but that means I have to stay later to make up the hours. I'm also exhausted from waking up in the middle of the night, but he is totally worth it. Chris is going to take the kitten, now named Zack, when his roommate moves out, most likely in August. By then, Zack will be weaned from the kitten formula. I'm really glad that Chris is taking him, because I don't think I could permanently part with the little guy, but two dogs and a cat in one small apartment is a bit much. The kitten likes to move crawl around a lot. I've transferred him to a larger box, so he has more room. When I'm feeding him, he will fall asleep while still sucking on the bottle nipple, then he starts purring, which really sounds more like ticking. Then he will hide his face in his paw. It's adorable! When I have to put him back into his box after feeding (middle of the night or during the day when I have to go back to work), he will cry for a bit. He makes this "Mrawr" sound. As he starts to drift to sleep he sounds like a dying motor. The "Mrawr" gets deeper and more drawn out, until eventually it just stops. It cracks me up!

I have always been a dog person, but this little guy has won me over. Now I just have to deal with playing "Mommy" for a few weeks. I suppose that's what I get for teasing my sister about my only being an aunt and not having to wake up at all hours of the night (granted, this is nothing compared to a baby person, but still... I need my sleep!) I will try to upload more pictures, but he doesn't like to hold still to have his portrait taken.

In work-out related news, other than my run where I found the kitten, I have not been able to run. The weather is very stormy here, and the gym is quite a distance away (I can't use the school gym again until the fall semester starts, unless I want to pay $50, but I'd rather save my money and run outside). I did work out arms and abs last night though. That felt good. I will try to do more lunges and abs tonight.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! (o:

Monday, June 9, 2008

The cutest thing I've ever found while running...!

I went for a run tonight and about a mile into my run I saw this tiny black kitten trying to crawl across the sidewalk! His (I think it's a boy) eyes aren't even open yet! Just before I reached him, I had passed a woman on the sidewalk. I yelled back at her asking if she lost a kitten. She told me it wasn't hers, but she saw him. How could she just leave the little guy crying?!?! She was carrying a back pack... part of me thinks she dumped him, but of course I have no idea.

I also have no idea what to do with a kitten! I've never had a cat... mostly because they make my eyes and nose itch like crazy. So far so good... maybe it's just when they start shedding? I have no clue. I called a few people, and none of them can take him. My boyfriend's roommate may be moving to Ireland in August, in which case my boyfriend said he will take the kitten. So now we have kitty. But I have to raise him until then. Chris and I went to PetSmart and were told what kitty formula to buy and we purchased a little bottle. The kitty is currently not named (I'll welcome suggestions), and he is sleeping in a shoe box, away from the dogs. My dog keeps licking his lips, but I think he's probably too afraid of the kitty.

I was told to feed the kitten every 2 to 3 hours... so much for being Auntie Jes who gets to spoil the baby and send it back. I just became a mom, again. Luckily I live less than a mile from where I work, so it shouldn't be too difficult to come home to feed the kitten. I will keep him in a box in the bathroom, to make sure the dogs don't get to him.

If anyone has any tips, please feel free to share. And to think, I almost put off running for a few hours.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who wants to ride in an airplane at 18,000 feet anyway? and Welcome Baby Joy!!!

Memorial Day weekend, Chris and I went to Jupiter to visit my aunt and uncle. We had a wonderful time!!! My uncle is a boat captain, and we went out on one of his client's boats. It was very relaxing and we drooled over all of the multi-million dollar houses that was passed. Then we went out with my uncle's best friend's family to an amazing steak restaurant. The next day we saw the new Indiana Jones movie and just relaxed. Chris and I ran one evening, and he really kicked my butt. All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and I was sad when I had to go home and back to a busy work week.

Me being silly on the boat

Chris and I

My awesome uncle and aunt

On June first, I successfully completed my third time skydiving. I did the highest tandem jump that you can do in Florida and exited the airplane at 18,000 feet! My tandem Jumpmaster and I flipped out of the plane before free-falling for 90 seconds down to 5,500 ft where the instructor then opened the parachute. Then we glided down to the ground and did a few fast spins. It was amazing!!! A large group of us went for Tonya's 30th birthday. I was the only person who had previously jumped, although I had never jumped from that altitude. Everyone is now just as addicted as I am! My boyfriend Chris loved it, which makes me very happy because in the past I have found it difficult to find people who would actual jump with me. (Of course everyone says they will do it, but when the time comes they are too busy... chickens!)

Chris and I before we jumped

Yay, that's me!

The instructor told me we would land by "sliding" onto the ground. He wasn't joking.

Also, on June 4th my sister had her baby. Joy Elizabeth weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long. She has a full head of hair and is absolutely beautiful! Chris and I drove back home to see her on Friday. Despite the fact the kept us up all night with her crying, she really is such a precious baby! I can't wait to spoil her and buy her loud obnoxious toys!

Baby Joy and Aunt Jes

Baby Joy and her Mommy, Renee

Joy Elizabeth, 3 Days Old

The other reason we drove back home on Friday was to put a deposit down on my car. My current car is 15 years old, and of course right as the summer heat is really kicking in the car AC broke and within a week the driver's side window broke. Needless to say, I melt when driving my car. The repairs would cost way more than the car is worth, so I decided to get a new car. This will be my first brand new car. I settled on the Honda Fit, which is inexpensive (as far as new cars go) and very fuel efficient. I looked at many cars, but this one has a lot of room on the inside, which is good considering I travel with a lot of luggage and my dog. I will be picking up my car next weekend, and I'm really excited!

With the sudden car hunt fiasco, and having to make up hours at work because I took a day off to take my car to the shop and dog to the vet, I didn't work out at all. Well I take that back, I did arms one night. That's it. I pretty much worked/studied all day, hunted for cars, then passed out in my bed. I plan to definitely work out this week. I did really great the two previous weeks. I ran 3 days out of the week, did my plank and push-ups every week day, and did sets of lunges and worked out my arms at least 3 times each week. Chris really helped push me on the runs, and my time seems to be improving. That is pretty much all I have time to fit in with working so much, but it's much better than nothing at all. I'm noticing my legs are getting more tone, and my arms are getting stronger (they still have a long way to go, but I'll get there).

I'm very much looking forward to next weekend. Not only am I getting my new car, but I will also get to see my niece again, and it is my youngest sister's sweet 16 birthday! My step sister will also be in town with my nephew, Dylan, and another niece that I have not seen yet, Gabriella. This should be a good weekend!

I hope everyone is doing great!