Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yesterday I defended my thesis in front of my committee, and I passed! I will officially be graduating in May with my M.S. in Forensic Science degree! Oh yeah, it turns out that portions of my thesis were in 1.5 spaces instead of double (which is required), so my thesis ended up being 158 pages!

The 10K last Saturday went a lot better than I thought. I guess training at the faster rate on the treadmill has been working. My chip time was 55:47, and according to the e-mail sent to the race officials, my pace was 8:58.5. I was psyched! Granted afterwards I was feeling very exhausted. I am glad I have six months to train for the half marathon! The next race is the 7 Mile Bridge on April 19th.

I don't have much time to write, because I am at work and need to start making the few changes to my thesis, but I wanted to respond to some of the comments that have been left.

I am soooo excited about the trip to Ireland! I will be taking a TON of pictures, and will definitely post some here. I read that there are 4 water stops for the race. I am thinking that I should start testing out gels or something, so I have electrolytes since I don't believe there will be Gatorade (or something similar). I have tried the Sports Beans before the race, and I liked those. Do you guys have any suggestions? Oh, after the 10K there was Accelerade, but one sip made me feel sick.

The C.S.I. Hash name cracks me up! And Jes, I have heard of HashSpace, but I can't really look it up because you have to be invited in, sadly. Have you hashed recently? **EDIT** Okay, I just received an invite to HashSpace! So if you are on there Jes, try to look me up!

Well time to make some corrections. Hopefully I'll have time to read some blogs next week. This weekend I'm going home for my sister's baby shower, and hopefully fitting in a run.


  1. I'm a big fan of Shot Blox.

    Congrats on, running, etc.

  2. Great job on the race and congratulations on your thesis. Bet you can't wait to graduate!

  3. great job! good luck on the bridge run! that should be really fun!!

  4. Hi. I'm a student in an advertising prgm who has a project to do in Crystal Light. I'd really appreciate any insight on what you like about the product and what you believe it does for you (ex: do you think it help you replace electrolytes just as well as Gatorade? Why do you like it better than other diet drinks?)



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