Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures of Zack the Kitten

Having a baby kitten definitely put a damper in my work outs. Well that and the amount of studying I've been doing. I told myself I wouldn't update pictures until I ran... and I finally ran last night. I had to time my run between thunderstorms and only ran 1.75 miles, but I did it. I also worked out my arms/legs/abs this week. Yay! I'm determine to run two more days and continue with my other work-outs. Kyle's birthday hash is on Saturday, which should be fun. My goal is to go back to running three times a week, even if it's only 2 mile runs (I have been working late and don't want to run outside by myself seeing as there is a potential serial killer in the area targeting white female joggers!). Now that the vet said I can skip the 2:30 am kitty feedings, I'm finding myself not as tired.

Zack is just shy of 5 oz now. His eyes opened on Friday, June 13th (same day as my little sister's 16th birthday and the same day I bought my car)! His ears are open as well. He loves to crawl all over the place! Here are some updated pictures of the "baby". I plan on taking some pictures of my car this weekend, if the crazy stormy weather permits.

Back to studying!


  1. I love how the doggie is trying to apply smoochies to his little kitty bum :-) AWWWW!!!!

  2. It looks like Syd isn't too upset about the newcomer. We didn't get Roxy until she was 3mo, so we never saw her so tiny. You are such an awesome pet & owner. (Cats own their humans; humans own their dogs. So by the law of syllogisms Cats own dogs)

  3. I see ur getting back on running just as I am. Well at least you have a very good reason unlike me. Anyways, hope everything is going well with you! Cute kitten by the way! =]


    that size definitely looks alluring as I glance over at my 140 pound bullmastiff.

    and if you were once only a dog person....



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