Monday, December 28, 2009

Sparkle and iTunes

(Warning:  The next few sentences are sappy... you may want to skip to the next paragraph.)  I saw this picture online and it made me smile.  I think it is beautiful and that it captures exactly how I feel this Christmas... Thanks again to my boyfriend for the beautiful jewelry that really makes me feel special and... well... sparkly. (o:

And as a gift for myself, I found something awesome at Best Buy yesterday!  It's an iTunes card that is titled "Serena Williams:  Spontaneous Speed".  It says "Download Nike's 30-minute workout packed with a series of intense speed bursts and high-energy music handpicked by Serena Williams.  Her expert coaching will help you power through the run while you develop explosive speed."

Okay, so I first need to start back at square one and build up some miles before really working on my speed, but I think it's awesome!  There is also an interval run that I think I might purchase.  I also saw a similar thing with Lance Armstrong's voice and Kara Goucher's.  There is one for "My Best 10K" even!  Check out iTunes for more.  I'll let you know how it goes when I finally test it out!

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