Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knees feeling great

Sunday evening following my 17 mile run, my knees and my right ankle were hurting pretty bad.  I kept icing them on and off throughout the evening, and I am happy to say that yesterday and today I am pain-free.  My muscles are a little tired, but they are not sore, which is great.  I think the combination of ice bath and compression socks is key! 

Tonight I am making my pecan pie.  Tomorrow night Chris and I are going to visit his family down south, and we will be there until Sunday.  I will try to post a few blogs in that time, but they will be short since I am focusing on my candidacy.  I am feeling really confident about it, and I am just ready for it to be done. 

In short, I just wanted to share the happy news that my knees are feeling great.  I also just discovered this awesome kid who plays the violin and does covers of popular songs that I listen to usually for running.  He has several songs on his Facebook (Eric Stanley).  I honestly love his version of the Justin Bieber song "Somebody to Love".

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