Saturday, May 23, 2009

5K PR!

(The picture is really crappy, but I wanted to show off Ryan's costume. Sadly I forgot my camera this morning, and we had to use a cell phone.)

This morning I ran a 5K, that I hadn't really trained for, with Chris, Ryan, and Caitlin. We signed up weeks ago, expecting one of my students to run her first 5K today, but she didn't end up racing. I was really excited that I didn't have to stop and walk at all. In fact, I got a PR! How great is that considering I hadn't actually run for speed in a while! My final time was 27:36.2 That was without a chip, but it did match what Garmy said. I'm psyched! Oh our friend Ryan also dressed up. It was fantastic!

By the way, the cruise was FANTASTIC! I plan to post a blog about it with pictures tomorrow. I finally got copies of all the pictures last night. I also have other exciting news about a future trip, which I will reveal tomorrow!!! Now I'm off to shop for the trip! EEK!

I hope everyone is doing fantastic! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

P.S. I beat Chris at the race today! hehehe

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