Monday, May 4, 2009

End of semester and bathing suit shopping

I am done!!! Tonight I took my last final. It feels so good for the semester to finally be over! Last night I was driving home and realized that my headlights were out. My brights worked and my parking lights, but not my headlights. I made it home using my brights, and I have an appointment tomorrow to get my car fixed. Hopefully it's just a burned out fuse, but just in case I figure I'd take it in, before driving several hours to get to the cruise ship. Then this morning we meet at the gym only to discover it is under new "break hours" so it will not be open until 11 am. Instead we jogged on campus then went back to my place and did our weight work-out and challenges. It was a good work-out.

This weekend I went bathing suit shopping. I found two cute bathing suits at The Gap of all places. Both are two-pieces, one is black and the other an aqua color. I also found two cute skirts to wear over them from Old Navy. 5 days to go...

Hope you all have a great week!

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