Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from London...

We had a spectacular time! I even saw the Queen in her car as she drove past us at the Derby. It'll be a little while before I can post about my trip with pictures. Chris still has to do his Photoshop magic or whatever it is that he does to the pictures he takes in .Raw format (that is the extent of the lingo I know). Although I will say that cramming four days of "Challenge" work-outs in a row before an 8 hour flight is definitely not the smartest decision I've ever made! However I am happy to say I successfully completed all three challenges! I still intend to keep up with doing squats and push ups, although I'm not sure yet whether I'll redo the challenges or just decide on a particular number to do each time I work-out. The challenges were great, but very time-consuming and my knees did not love all of those squats. I'll probably incorporate squats, lunges, and push-ups into my daily routine. I would still like to gain strength to be able to do the push-ups not on my knees.

Caitlin and I are going to start back up at the gym next week. She has a ton of exams this week, and I am still trying to get my sleeping schedule back to normal, along with catching up at work and starting the moving process (that must count for an arm work-out). I am craving a good run, but every night after work I just want to pass out. The past two nights I have slept for 9 hours straight! It has been wonderful! I wake up feeling very refreshed.

Well back to work. I will hopefully soon be posting pictures and details about my trip! I hope you all in blog land are doing great!

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