Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm still alive, despite my cat's attempt to kill me...

Life has been busy. I have officially started the process of moving. While my lease does not end until the end of July, I have decided I'd much rather live with Chris than in my smelly, creaky, old apartment. Every evening when I leave work, I go by my second-floor apartment and pack my adorable Honda Fit with as much crap as I can carry. I then head to Chris's condo and carry everything up to the third floor. While this is difficult, I do believe all those push-ups have assisted me in my endeavor. I also consider this part of my weekly work-out.

Caitlin and I made it to the gym Tuesday and Wednesday. Both days we did our regular weight work-out, but our cardio consisted of jogging around the track for about 10 minutes. I am looking forward to the summer ending so we have as much time at the gym as we want (we are constricted by the hours the gym opens and Caitlin going to class). Yesterday we met at the gym only to discover that Caitlin had forgotten her ID, which meant we could not go in the gym. We walked for a bit, then the fact that I had left home (Chris's condo is officially home now!) at 5:30 am kicked in, and I went to my near by apartment and went to sleep for an hour. I did 20 push ups last night, then decided I was too tired to do any more. I proceeded to be lazy, watched SYTYCD (I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!) while I ate my hot fudge sundae from McDonalds, then went to bed. (Being that Father's Day is quickly approaching and Kirby is having potty training issues yesterday was a very rough day for me... Chris bought me a hot fudge sundae, because he is the best boyfriend ever!)

Now about my cat trying to kill me... This past weekend we went to visit my family to celebrate my niece's first birthday and my little sister's 17th birthday. (Note: pictures from our brief stop in St. Augustine this past weekend as well as my post about London filled with pictures will most likely be posted within the next couple weeks. I am happy to say that Chris rocked his first project he was working on and will have time to work on the pictures starting on Tuesday. YAY!) Anyway, the three cats went with us to my mom's house. Zack discovered he could push his way into one of the closets. Now this closet is filled with a giant cardboard dollhouse that my sister, friends, babysitter, and myself built over two summers. This house was AWESOME! It filled the entire wall of our "playroom". I could not part with it, and it was eventually shoved into this closet. The closet is blocked by my mom's large computer desk (the doors are sliding doors, and one came off the track, so the cat was able to push it back and get into the closet). In my attempt to get the cat, I was crawling under the desk and trying to get into the closet. Zack then jumped onto said dollhouse, which created an avalanche of random junk. A heavy wooden box then fell right onto my head!!! It hurt so bad that I cried instantly! I ended up with a large bump on my head, and the next day I could barely move my back (I guess I tensed up when the box hit my head). Luckily I am feeling great now. Zack did not succeed in his attempt to kill me, but I have my eye on him now.

Now I'm off to visit Chris's family for Father's Day weekend. I want to wish all the father's out there a Happy Father's Day!

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