Friday, July 17, 2009

Gym clothes

I was up way too late last night watching the new Harry Potter movie (YAY!). I met Caitlin at the gym this morning, only then to realize that I had forgotten the bag with my clothes and bathroom supplies on the kitchen table.... 20 minutes away. Which really going back that direction in the morning is more like 40 minutes due to traffic heading downtown. Soooo our work-out consisted of going easy and not getting sweaty, and I'm currently sitting at my desk at work wearing work-out clothes. Luckily I'm wearing loose long pants, and running shoes are close-toed, so that works out well. I've tried calling Chris to see if he can bring my bag when he goes to work, then I'd just go pick it up from him, but he either isn't up yet, or hasn't looked at his phone. I'm supposed to go to a friends dissertation defense at 11. Ah, what a great way to start the day! LOL

Update: I have the best boyfriend in the world! He didn't see my text message until he was already on his way to work, but he turned around and grabbed my bag for me. I just picked it up from his work, came back to my office to change, and discovered that in my very sleepy state of packing my gym back after the movie last night, I did not pack a t-shirt. Seriously?! Luckily I have a co-worker who hadn't made it into work yet, and she is bringing me a t-shirt.

And this is how the day starts.


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