Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Knee pain... again.

I'm taking it a little easy right now. I think I may have hurt my knee while carrying boxes (still moving...). I feel it most when I climb stairs. I've backed off on exercise, and tonight I'm going to try icing it. I hope that helps. I'm craving a good run.

On a side note, I accidentally ordered a book on CD (I thought I ordered the book. Oops). I listened to it in the car and really enjoyed it. I don't have a lot of down time to sit and read, but now I have a 20-30 minute drive to work every day. I've decided to start listening to audiobooks while in the car. I'm really excited to finally get my county library card in the mail, so I can start checking out audiobooks. The county library will allow me to upload books directly to my ipod, from home! I don't even have to go to the library to return anything. I'm thinking this may be a fun way to run as well. I'll let you know what happens.

Can anyone suggest any books that may be good to listen to while running? Or any good books in general? I've decided I'm going to stick to reading Jeffery Deaver before bed... the good old fashioned way (actual reading, not listening), but I'm open to listening to other books.


  1. I don't know if this book is on audio or not, but look up "Life at These Speeds," by Jeremy Jackson. It was an awesome book that someone gave me when I was overseas in Kuwait with the Army. It motivated me to train for a marathon that fall in '06 and I haven't looked back since. BTW, I found your page by searching "runner quotes" in Google, good stuff. Hope your knee feels better.

  2. Hi Jes! Well I dusted off my blog and started running again. It is wonderful what summer and a bit of time can do for motivation. Just thought I would stop by and say hi!

    Hope your knee feels better soon :)



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