Sunday, March 20, 2011

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I did not blog this week because I was super busy with work.  I love it when my research finally starts cooperating again!  I found out a new trick that just turned my usual 4 hour experiment into a 10 minute experiment!  SWEET!  We also celebrate our friend Nick's birthday, which was a lot of fun.

That being said, I did manage three runs this week, but the farthest was only 3.58 miles.  I was hoping to do 6 miles, but it just did not happen.  When I set out for that run it was far too hot outside.  By three miles I felt a bit light headed from the heat.  Better not to push it in the heat.  But it's okay.  I am aiming for a ten mile run this week no matter what.  I have 19 days until Crooms 16 mile run.  Will it be my best run in terms of time?  Absolutely not.  But that was not the goal of this run.  The goal was to have fun, and I will!  I have been wanting to get into trail running and this will be it.  I wish I had run on more trails before hand, but oh well.  I'll survive.  I just booked my hotel room for the night before the race (thank goodness I finally found a hotel that was not fully booked!)  This will be my first race that I am going to completely by myself.  My poor Chris is not only going crazy trying to get the last project of his college career finished, but he is also sick this weekend which means he is not being as productive as he would like.  He will have to spend every weekend trying to finish this project.  But that's okay.  I fully understand.

As far as my runs this week, on Monday I ran 3.58 miles in 32:40, Friday 3 miles in 29:06, and Saturday 3 miles in 28:53.  My other goal of an arm and ab work-out was accomplished but by a bare minimum.  I did some crunches and push-ups.  Not much but better than nothing.  I refuse to get stressed out over not working out as hard or as much as I want.  When life is busy, you just have to roll with it.

I would have run this morning, except I had wayyy too much fun last night!  I went to a friend's bachelorette party complete with a drag queen show as well as lots of drinking and dancing!  I had a wonderful time (minus the male genital paraphernalia... not really my taste, but I went along with it for fun).  I slept in for a while this morning, then I spent the day grocery shopping and cleaning.  It feels good to relax now that all the cleaning is done (minus putting away the laundry.... I hate putting away laundry!)

This coming week will be busy yet again but will also be exciting!  On Tuesday we are going to check-out our potential wedding venue.  Well we already went to see it once, but on Tuesday they will have the entire place set up as though a wedding is taking place.  All of the vendors will be there for you sample their food, etc.  I cannot wait!  Chris's mom is coming into town to go with us, and I think that his sister is going too.

I hope that you all had a wonderful week last week and will have an even better week this week!

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  1. No reason to stress due to not working out as much. You still got 3 runs it! That's awesome!!!


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