Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{blank} is a special occasion.

As I have mentioned previously, I absolutely love the blog Enjoying The Small Things.  Today Kelle posted about the "Life is a Special Occasion" Hallmark Challenge in which she is participating.  I decided that I want to participate as well.  So I quickly scribbled out a few cards, put stamps on them, and dropped them in the mailbox.  When was the last time you received a hand-written note in the mail?  I know that when my grandparents send me cards, it completely makes my day. 

I also entered the online contest(through Facebook).  I thought I would share my entry:

Running with my fiance my any-day special occasion.

As anyone who has ever gone for a run knows, running is not always easy.  Running is a lot like life.  Some days you are on top of the world, and you know you can accomplish anything.  Other days you are struggling to put one foot in front of the other and contemplate just giving up and going back to bed.  The great joy about running with my fiance is that I know he is there to cheer me on during my "I feel like an Olympic athlete" days and to gently push me over the hurdles of the "this is too hard; I am not strong enough" days.  I love running with my fiance because I know that I am there for him during his ups and downs too.  I imagine our marriage to be like one giant ultra marathon race that we run side-by-side.  It will be full of "runner's highs" and sometimes lows, but together we will enjoy the journey.  Running with my fiance is my any-day special occasion, because it reminds me that together we can do anything.


I hope that you all have a wonderful day and rest of the week!  I'm off to work!


  1. I love handwritten letters in the mail too!

  2. I love your description of the "any-day special occasion"
    it's wonderful.

  3. Thank you all for the nice comments! I hope you have a fantastic week!

  4. a greeting from Sweden! I found your blog through google:) you have a great blog, I've got a lot of great motivation and inspiration from your pictures and texts. Thanks!


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