Sunday, August 7, 2011

"This has gotta be the good life..."

 There have been recent events that have reminded me just how wonderful life truly is, how important friends and family are, and how important it is to put your faith in God.  While I do not wish to go into detail here, the week before I was hit with two very nerve-wracking and scary situations.  Both of these events occurred on the same day, and I confided in good friends and prayed for strength and good outcomes.  I kid you not, literally the very next day both issues were resolved with good outcomes for us.  Thank you God!  (It was as though I somehow managed to foreshadow these events with my previous blog post?  Luckily, like my previous post mentioned, we were there for each other and made it through the difficult situations.)  It is moments like that that help put the world and worries into perspective and make you appreciate life.  In addition, I felt like on that very rough day God was reminding me that he is always there... that same day we were blessed with an amazing early wedding gift.  One of Chris's dad's patients decided to donate money to our wedding as well as to his sister's wedding (Amy is getting married this October).  This was completely out of the blue, and honestly could not have occurred on a more appropriate day.  I am so grateful for all the amazing people in my life!

I am currently quite obsessed with the song "Good Life" by OneRepublic.

Life is currently quite fantastic.  Chris and I have been meeting up with the running group every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  It has been great to meet so many wonderful people.  Last weekend we decided to go for our own trail run.  I'll be honest, it turned into more a disaster than a nice run, since the trail I picked turned out to be mostly soft sand in direct sunlight.  Not to mention we also stayed up too late the night before which resulted in a late start and too hot of weather for our run.  In the end, we did have fun and concluded that we would save that particular trail for cooler weather. 
Ironically we saw this the same week The Pioneer Woman posted about one.
I nearly stepped on this guy.
This past week we also celebrate his friend's birthday at Dave and Busters, which was a lot of fun (except when the stall door lock broke in the bathroom, and I had to crawl was pretty funny though.)!  This weekend we celebrated Chris's mom's b-day and met up with some of friends we have not seen in over a year. 
25th... hehe
Chris's dad makes The Best food!
Chris's mom and sister Jessica

I am currently writing this blog in Sarasota, sitting outside on the lanai at his parents' home.  I must say that I absolutely could not ask for better future in-laws!  Chris's mom also surprised me and gave me the most beautiful watch that belonged to her grandmother.  It will be my "something old" for our wedding.  I am a very lucky girl. (o:
Speaking of being a lucky girl, I seem to have lost a previous blog post that I had written.  I don't know how I managed to do that.  A few weeks ago one of my very dearest friends, Alisha, came to visit from Austin with my godson, Nick Danger.  (Unfortunately, Nick's dad, Bryan, was unable to make it.)  I have not had quality girly time with Alisha in AGES.  We had a terrific time!  She is by far one of the most brilliant, generous, and kind individuals I have ever met.  She and her husband have had such a positive impact on my life and have been there for me through the most difficult moments in my life.  While Alisha and Nick were in town, we did lots of wedding planning.  I was able to show her our wedding venue, and she tried on dresses since she is going to be my matron of honor.  We had a great time!  My godson is getting so big, and he is such a little gentleman!  (He does have the best parents!)  I just cannot say it enough... I am so blessed for all the wonderful people in my life!
Nick at our wedding venue

Well it is quite warm outside, so I think I'll go for a dip in the pool.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and will have an even better week!

P.S.  Did anyone else absolutely love the I Love Lucy tribute on Google yesterday?!


  1. I loved the I<3Lucy on Google (played it a few times). Thanks for the sweet comments. Nick says he can't wait to visit again and play with Kirby.

  2. I love all the photos! beautiful :)
    I'm looking at starting up running, how would you recommend going about this?

  3. This post was picture perfect...literally.

  4. Aw! I'm so glad everything worked out. And that watch is beautiful! So sweet, congrats!

  5. Very Good Sharing...

    I get more motivation after read this post.

    Hope you can share more in future.



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