Thursday, July 12, 2007

Next week's schedule

Perhaps if I post my schedule here, I will make sure to stick with it! (Keep in mind that I rest on the weekends, it seems to be the best way for me to get through my long run on Monday).

Exercise plan:

Monday: Run 7 miles. Try to go to spinning, but listen to my body to see if I can.
Tuesday: Arms, abs and spinning
Wednesday: Run 3.1 miles and spinning.
Thursday: Arms, abs and spinning
Friday: Run 6.2 miles (no spinning class available on Fridays for the summer).

Daily food plan (which I was sticking to before and plan on going back to):

Breakfast: 2 eggs, yogurt, and 2 pieces of toast (I eat the light wheat bread so 2 pieces contains approximately the same number of calories as one regular piece of wheat bread)
Snack: Sipping my coffee until lunch time (1:1 coffee and skim milk)
Lunch: I usually make these on the weekend to last me for the week... I usually have a bit of either brown rice or whole wheat pasta, some protein (typically a small piece of chicken breast or ground turkey), and lots of steamed veggies. Then I have a 60 calorie pudding snack as my dessert (the chocolate mint one is absolutely delicious!!!!)
Snack: Piece of fruit, usually an apple. This helps with my energy level before my work outs.
Dinner: I have either Kashi Go Lean cereal with a banana, or Kashi waffles with some peanut butter and a banana since I love peanut butter on waffles.
Snack: Chocolate milk (using sugar free chocolate syrup) I usually have this later after spinning when it is too late to eat anything, but I'm hungry from having just worked out.
I also drink about 4.5 L of water a day. (I buy the 1.5L bottles, and I like to add one of those crystal light packages to it for flavor... plus then the flavor isn't as strong.)

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I run after work then have my dinner when I get home. This gives me a little bit of time to rest before going to 8pm spinning (except for Mondays now that my runs are taking longer... which is why I may not go to spinning on Mondays... that is dependent on how I feel after running). Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to the gym after work and do arms and abs then the 530pm spinning class. This way I have the evenings free to "have a life" (LOL), and I eat dinner after spinning. As I mentioned above, I take the weekends off, but sometimes will try to fit in the 90 minute spin class on Saturdays. It is just difficult some weekends, because it is in the middle of the day. I also stick with eating similarly on the weekends, but I allow myself to have little treats every now and then. When I go out to eat, I try to eat something that is pretty healthy as well.

Anyway, that is how my training and diet have been for the past few weeks (well previously my run distances were shorter), and I have really been seeing great results (other than this past week with my eating more on the weekends and treating myself too often... which I will fix). I am going to try my best to keep eating healthy on my vacation and try to do whatever work-outs I can. I am determined to do well on my first 10K when I return!!!!!

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