Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My magnet has arrived! **Updated 9/9/07**

Thank you Amy!!!! I received my magnet in the mail today, and it rocks my socks off! It already has found it's home on the refrigerator!

(No the picture posted is not the magnet, but rather one I have that I really like with a quote by Emerson. Not to mention it is motivational--which is what this blog is all about--so expect more inspirational quotes and pictures. I'd post a picture of Amy's amazing magnet, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who haven't received their own yet.)

My work-out schedule is a bit different this week... a bit easier in fact. This is my easy week, then I will build back up for a few weeks. (I am going to miss spinning though.) Anticipated work-outs for this week include:

Tuesday: 4 miles on the treadmill alternating between a 12 minute/mile and 10 minute/mile pace. And pilates.
Wednesday: Just arms and abs. Unfortunately I'm going to miss spinning, because I am celebrating someone's birthday.
Thursday: Another 4 miles and power pilates.
Friday: Nothing. I'm driving back home to see a play with my Mom. (o:
Saturday: Hm, again no work-out planned. Getting ready for Sunday and driving back from visiting with family.
Sunday: 9 miles! (It's the 9th month, so here goes 9 miles!)

Oh and I looked at my RunStoppable log and my mileage totals for the past few months are as follows:

June 49.8 (longest distance a 10K)
July 46.2 (longest distance was 7 miles... the mileage decrease was due to my super amazing vacation)
August 63.1 (woo-hoo! longest distance was 8 miles)

*********************Update 9/9/07*********************
Well since another one of Amy's fans has posted a picture of the glorious magnet, I figured I could put one up as well! I am actually stealing their picture, but my magnet looks the same. (o: Isn't it fantastic?!!?


  1. Go get 'em with that 9 miler! Almost double digits, woohoo!

  2. Looks like a good plan so far :-) Have fun with that nine miler!!

  3. Now you have me excited for my magnet to arrive!

  4. Wow! Impressive monthly mileage. Go get that 9 miles on Sunday and have fun with your family!


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