Monday, September 24, 2007

Spider-Jes and Flight of the Conchords!

Spider-Jes, Spider-Jes, does whatever a Spider-Jes does...

This weekend I went to visit some friends in Tallahassee. I had a wonderful time! And I have discovered a new love... rock climbing! It was soooo much fun! Maybe Spiderman and I have a little bit in common. I am definitely going to go rock climbing again.... but I really need to work on that upper body strength!

I was also introduced to Flight of the Conchords. HILARIOUS!!!! Seriously, you have to check out their series on HBO (or YouTube... see videos below... and there are more!).

After rock climbing on Saturday, spending Sunday on a boat, then driving back home I was too tired to run. I also had to go grocery shopping. I realized that this is supposed to be my easier running week anyway, so I figured I'd take it easy. Here's my plan for the week:

Monday: Spinning (check!)
Tuesday: Run 3 miles (at least 5K pace) and pilates
Wednesday: My first full moon hash!!!!! (be prepared for updates!)
Thursday: Run (not sure how far yet...) and abs probably
Friday: Arms and Abs
Saturday: No work-out (Wedding dress shopping day! Eeek!)
Sunday: Run (not sure how far yet...)

Well check out the videos if you want a good laugh!

"Part Time Model"

"Business Time"

"Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros"

"If You're Into It"

(sorry, I couldn't resist adding this one too!)


  1. Climbing is sooo much fun! I started it this summer with some friends, but stopped when my marathon training really took off.

    I'm thinking about getting back into it this winter, since we have a climbing wall on campus. By the way, if you think you need more upper body strength, you need to use your legs more! :)

    I think we should agree our dogs are equally awesome, otherwise you are doomed to lose!

  2. I love rock climbing! Glad you discovered it.

  3. And thanks for helping me discover the conchords! Hilarious!


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