Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Swimming Lessons

I have said that I want to eventually train for a triathlon. Unfortunately, I am not a strong swimmer. I had what I would consider a "near drowning experience" as a kid (which probably wasn't, but that's how I remember it), and I haven't been the most comfortable in water since . Well today a girl at work told me she had her swimming lesson tonight. I guess the gym at school gives swimming lessons (all kinds of levels), and she was taking an advanced level to better her technique (she already competes in tri's). She said the next group of classes will start in 3 weeks. I'm going to sign up! I'm very excited about this... nervous as well, but mostly excited!

Spinning tonight was wonderful! My roommate and I also did arms and abs.

Yesterday was a 5K run. The treadmills were all being used (except those ones right under the tv's that hurt your neck), so we decided to run on the track. There were quite a few people on the track already, and my legs were tired. Thankfully I had my roommate there to keep me going, but I was disappointed in my time. I really have slowed down. I think I've settled into my long-distance pace. Now I am really going to try and speed up the shorter distances. After running, we went to pilates. It was a great class, yet again.

Tomorrow is a planned 6 mile run then power pilates.


  1. Swimming is whats keeping me from tri'ing too! Although I think my running would have to take a hit to find time for serious biking AND swimming.

    I'll admit too, that being able to switch between your long distance pace and 5k pace takes practice! You'll get the hang of it eventually, trust me!

    Also, I don't have a foam roller for my hip. I've been icing, heating, and massaging it a lot though. I would elevate it too, but I'm not sure how to do that without standing on my head =)

  2. WHoooaaa Momma!! You rock! I'm waayyy to afraid to go the tri route. I think that's wonderful that you've decided to sign up for some lessons! I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. I have a friend, who in January of this year couldn't swim one lenght of the pool. Not because of fitness, he runs a 3.10 marathon. It was fear and technique.

    He is completed his first half ironman in August and is doing Ironman Florida in November.

    It is possible ... you'll do great

  4. Now I am jealous!! I totally want to do a tri next year...but the swim would be tragic as I am only proficient in the "doggy paddle" I am looking into lessons this winter as well. Have fun!!


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