Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to business...

Okay so work-outs this past week were um scarce to say the least due to a busy social calendar. I did intervals on Tuesday and went swimming. The roommate and I did arms and abs Wednesday before swim lessons. We have finally made it to free-style swimming, which is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I need lots of practice with breathing properly. Wednesday night we celebrated Chris' birthday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!) at a local martini bar. I will admit that it was the first time I ever had a martini. I tried a "Snickertini" (complete with peanuts around the rim of the glass... YUM!!) and a "Naughty Girl Scout" (chocolate and mint, need I say more??). Thursday the temperature dropped here, which resulted in a killer sinus headache. It didn't fully hit me until late that night when we were out at a Halloween-like party (no, I didn't dress up this year). All I have to say is thank God for Sudafed PE! Friday the roommate and I went swimming, which made me feel a LOT better. Otherwise, I just relaxed on Friday. I needed a recovery day. Saturday was the big birthday celebration which was a blast!!! I had such a great time! Thus Sunday ended up being a recovery day as well...

By this morning my legs were sore and achy from having not run in so long. Today I decided I needed to get back out there! I ran 5K on the treadmill... and it was rough. Rough but AMAZING! It felt soooooo good to run again! I really need to step up my game; the half marathon is coming very quickly. Don't worry, I'll be careful, but I'm determined to do well. So here is the plan for this week...

Tuesday: Intervals and swimming
Wednesday: Arms, abs, and swimming
Thursday: Some type of run
Friday: Arms, abs, and swimming
Saturday or Sunday: a run on one day and resting on the other.

I hope everyone else is doing great! I am wayyyyy behind on my blog reading, so I apologize!


  1. Oh yeah - welcome to the martini lovin' crew. I am now hooked on the dirty ones with big fat olives. I think it's an acquired taste, but boy, did I acquire it! ha ha.

  2. I have never aquired a taste of martinis. I'll have a cosmo now and then, but I can't stomach most tini-concoctions.


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