Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hot spin instructor? I think not...

Yesterday was a scheduled 5K run on the treadmill then Pilates. Despite feeling tired (and lazy) I did manage to complete both. I felt great afterwards. Later, the roommate and I had our swim meeting (the lessons start next Wednesday people!!). I left the meeting feeling nervous. It doesn’t help that the only class we could sign-up for was the “advanced class”, and even though I live in Florida, I do not swim often. Okay, let me be honest… other than just goofing off in the pool with friends, I cannot even remember the last time I actually swam. Yeah… I might be screwed. Luckily I have some friends/co-workers willing to help me. Two of them are triathletes and have been doing an excellent job at keeping me motivated (thank you Rebecca and Joe!). I am hoping to get in the water a couple times before next Wednesday. I’ll keep you updated. I have a feeling that this is going to be a challenging, embarrassing, and rewarding experience.

Yesterday, I also found out that today the roommate and I have to stay later at work (yes, we work together too), because our lab is going to be toured by some big time lab directors. In order to fit in our work-out, we decided to hit the gym in the morning. I didn’t want to miss my spinning class, so we decided to go to the 9am spin class. I noticed that the instructor listed to teach the class was the only male spin instructor. I had never taken any of his classes, but I was told by another co-worker that the instructor was quite easy on the eyes. I was excited to see this for myself.

So this morning the roommate and I woke-up early and hit the gym. We started off with arms and abs then headed to spinning. The instructor was late. Not only was he late, but my co-worker could not have been more wrong. I mean sure the guy had a nice build and beautiful arms (I’m a sucker for nice arms)… but well that was it. He was your stereotypical “frat boy”**. Not only was every other word out of his mouth a curse word (yeah sure every now and then is no problem… but he really needed to tone it down about 5 notches!), but he just sounded… well… let’s just say I did not get the impression that he was very intelligent. And then there were those girls that would giggle whenever he said something I can only assume was supposed to be funny. I am cringing just remembering it.

Although I found the instructor to be extremely annoying, I must admit that I did get a great work-out. In fact, he kicked my butt. The five song climb at the end pretty much killed me, but I am feeling good.

It is time for me to get back to work.

**note: I must mention that I do know guys in fraternities who are quite brilliant and most enjoyable to be around… and being a blonde, I understand how stereotypes are not always correct. (Hopefully that will keep me out of trouble. lol)

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  1. So, the instructor uses curse words while teaching the class? Don't get me wrong, those words have their place and I use them frequently, but while teaching a class seems, well classless.

    Just found your blog! Enjoying readying thru it. Good luck on your half. Seems like you have a really balanced training program. Keep it up.


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