Monday, October 8, 2007

Spinning is great!

For me, spinning is a great way to release aggression and put me back into my "happy place". There's something about loud angry music, an assertive instructor, and me sweating my butt off that just works magic on my mood. I woke up in a "bleh" kind of mood thanks to a bad dream and an aching side (I'm still feeling a constant pain from where my side cramped-up on Saturday). The crappy mood persisted through the day. I was feeling pretty tired and my legs felt dead. I considered skipping spinning; however, I realized that would only make me feel worse. Off I went to the gym, did a quick ab work-out then went to spinning. As soon as the lights went out and the music was turned up I was in my zone. I rode out all of my frustration and my bad mood. By the middle of the class I was smiling. It was great! Here I am now in a wonderful mood!

This week's work-out plan:

Monday: Spinning (check!)
Tuesday: Run 5K (assuming the cramp goes away) and pilates
Wednesday: My first swim class! (and hopefully spinning)
Thursday: 11 mile run (again, assuming the cramp doesn't interfere.. grrr)
Friday: Rest day. Head out of town for the wedding.
Saturday: 6 mile run. WEDDING!
Sunday: Recovery from wedding


  1. Do you think the side cramp is from dehydration? That happened to my friend and it hurt her for a few days too.

  2. I think you're right about dehydration. I will be more careful next time!


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