Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help, my knee is killing me!

I need some suggestions. The half marathon is quickly approaching (Feb. 2). The roommate and I ran 6 miles last night in 57F weather (planning on a long run of 10 miles next week then resting before the half). About half way through my knee started to hurt. I tried stretching a little bit, but it didn't do much. It would hurt the most after having to stop running (waiting at the cross-walk). Eventually it would ease up, and I'd hardly notice. I tried running in the grass when I could. As soon as we finished and were walking to cool down, my knee felt tight (as did the rest of my muscles actually). We came home to stretch, eat, and relax before going to pilates. Pilates was excellent, other than the lunges. I couldn't complete all of those, because setting my left knee on the ground hurt. Even last night I woke up because my knee was sore where it was laying on my bed. This morning I could walk just fine, and I could bend my knee without pain. Then we went to do our push-ups and plank... I do "girly push-ups", but I could not keep pressure on my left knee.

The pain seems to be on the inside of the knee, under the knee cap. Does any one have any suggestions?? Doug, I do appreciate your suggestion about riding a bike... I haven't been to spinning in a while (going on Thursday), so that may have something to do with it. I remember that last year at this time, when the roommate and I started running, I was wearing a knee brace on both knees, because they hurt so bad. Then it eventually went away. At that time I thought I had just strengthened them, then recently I thought it was because the weather had warmed up... but now it may be because I started spinning (or a combination of all three).

I am so frustrated!


  1. Jes, noooo!

    It sounds like fairly classic runner's knee, but just because its 'classic' doesn't mean its minor. Its really, really frustrating, as you've already taken the liberty of pointing out!

    The cause?

    The knee cap gets slightly out of line and starts rubbing things it shouldn't be.

    Well why the heck would it do that?

    Because what keeps it in line is a balance between your quads (front of the thigh) and hamstrings (back of the thigh). Running works the hamstrings a lot more than the quads, and over time the knee cap can get pulled out of its track. Once its out of line, running will make it rub part of your knee almost 1000 times every mile!

    Gee, thats swell. I have a race in two weeks, how can I fix it?!

    Well, it might take more than two weeks, but strengthen those quads! Cycling/spinning can help strengthen the quads without doing much damage. Think about doing some other leg lifts at the gym; low weight, high reps!

    I'd suggest taking a few days off from running and replace it with cycling.

    Yes, I know the race is two weeks away. Yes, I know you don't want to. Yes, I did it for almost an entire month before Chicago and I finished just fine.

    Best of luck Jes!

    (I didn't realize how long winded I was!)

  2. I agree with Doug. Whenever I had that problem my trainer told me to strengthen my quads and stretch my hammis. Also i Ice my knee everyday and put icy hot on it before i go to bed. I'm not completely pain free..but I'm able to make it work! I am contemplating a Feb 2nd half marathon...def wont be ready though to get a great time or anything.Good luck and feel better!

  3. Oh poor you! I think Doug has the right advice though... I just ran my 1/2 and the knees were getting bad towards the end. I think I might be in the same lifting/cycling boat with you. Take care of them and here's to happy knees asap!

  4. I agree - rest is best. Don't worry - you are not going to "lose" any of your training. You've worked really hard and it's ok to rest now.

    And see a PT if you can. They can show you stretches and exercises that you can do everyday to help.

    Race day - OD on Advil. ha ha
    Good Luck Jess!

  5. Doug and the others are right with their advice.

  6. Oh.... please be careful, I worked out through the pain on my right knee and tore my meniscus that was in 2005, my knee has never been the same since the surgery. I increased my workout in November and my knee has been hurting me ever since, I am now contemplating having a second scope done. Please please even if you don't get to run the race and need to rest do it you do not want to go through surgery your knee will never be the same.


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