Monday, January 28, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

Ohhh! I forgot to mention that I saw the "Spirit of the Marathon" movie! It was truly inspiring! I will definitely have to complete a marathon sometime within the next few years. The theater was full, and there was lots of laughing, cheering, and clapping. I highly recommend the movie!!!


  1. Just surfing around to see who else is writing about the movie and found you. It really does get you hyped up, doesnt it?

  2. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it!

  3. I have to admit, I am disappointed the encore isn't coming anywhere near me. My only hope is that I remember to keep an eye out for the DVD if/when it ever becomes available.

    Yup, I was the chubby girl in the front row balling her eyes out watching them all struggle to the finish and laughing at every one of the old dude's jokes (I love that guy).

    I'm still left wondering, how does a theatre full of fit individuals wind up walking that slow out of the theatre tho?

    Cool blog :-)

  4. I bet you did awesome today!!! Hope the knee felt great! Can't wait to see this movie :)

  5. I loved the movie so much . . . I think I'm going to see it again when it comes back out!


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