Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 miles tonight and Jack Johnson concert pics

Tonight Caitlin and I ran 4 miles in 47:18.  The run sucked for us both.  I had a cramp for the entire run, and Caitlin was not feeling it either.  We had to walk a few times.  What I have decided to take away from this crappy run was that we rocked for pushing through 4 miles anyway.  Some running days are good and some are bad.  This just happened to be the latter.  Oh well.  At least we finished it.

Below are pics from the Jack Johnson concert last night.  It was amaaaaazing!  One more day of work before my vacation!  I cannot wait to get a pedicure and massage, stay in a bed and breakfast for the first time, sip wine, eat pizza and gelato, chill in the jacuzzi (did I mention it's in our room??), and go picture crazy in picturesque St. Augustine with my wonderful boyfriend, Chris!  Why can't it be Friday tomorrow?!

Definitely have the whole deer caught in the headlights look.  Oh well.

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