Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skydiving Again, but this time with my little sis!!

Let me first start with week 3 of marathon training.  Caitlin and I did three runs.  The first was on Tuesday when we did 3 miles in 32:01.  It was very, very humid in the morning.  Thursday evening we did our long run which was 6 miles in 1:08:27.  Caitlin's boyfriend Ryan took us to a new park where we started our run then headed to another park followed by a beautiful neighborhood.  I look forward to running there again!  Since my brother and sister were coming on Friday evening, I needed to get my third run in on Friday morning.  Despite us finishing our 6 mile run at 9pm Thursday evening, we met at 5:45am on Friday morning for an easy 3 miles (in 35:46 (included a few walk breaks).

I also had my last week of swim lessons.  I am sad to see it end, but I was told to move onto the intermediate level class in the fall.  Yay!  The instructor also complimented my backstroke (which is awesome because the previous week I was just not getting it). 

In total, week 3 of marathon training included 3 runs for a total of 12 miles and two hours of swim lessons.  I did not do much yoga, which my body is not happy about.  I am changing that this week.  In fact, tonight I did two yoga videos from ExerciseTV which included the more cardio Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown video (36 minutes) followed by the more traditional yoga in Zen in the Den (23 minutes).  I am feeling good now.

Now, about skydiving!  For my youngest sister's 18th birthday slash high school graduation gift I took her skydiving.  She and my brother, Robert, drove down for the weekend on Friday.  We went out to dinner with Chris and our friends Caitlin and Ryan.  Then we had to wake up realllllly early to drive out to Titusville for our jump at 8 am.  This was my fourth time skydiving, but it was Clara's first.  My co-worker, Bala, also came for his first jump.  We all did the worlds highest tandem jump which is 18,000 ft. with 90 seconds on free fall.  I actually did this same jump 2 years ago.  My Jump Master, Pablo, was awesome!  He had us doing flips and spins.  I LOVED IT!  My little sister and co-worker also loved their jumps; however, Clara ended up getting motion sickness and threw up all over herself (luckily not until after the 'chute was open).  Chris came with us, and rather than jump he decided to take pictures.  He happened to catch a picture of her throwing up, although we didn't realize it until after we zoomed in on the picture.  Skydive Space Center gave Clara a free shirt to change into, which I thought was very kind of them.  We had fun hanging out the rest of Saturday, and I was sad to see them leave on Sunday.  I miss my brother and sister.

Well I'm off to bed, but below are some fun pictures of our adventure!  Have a wonderful week all!

I highly recommend this place!!
Signing our lives away.
My youngest sis, Clara!
Me and my little brother, Robert!
With my co-worker, Bala.

My handsome photographer, Chris. <3
We are ready to go!  Check out my Vibrams!

Pablo helping me get ready.

I really like this picture of myself.  And I love those purple goggles!
We are ready to go!

I'm the oldest and the shortest!

I really want one of these!
Can you make out those specs in the sky?
That's me!


That's Clara!
That is Clara throwing up!  I felt so bad for her, but we both laughed until we cried when we saw this picture.


  1. I'm glad I don't see throw up lol! That looks so fun. I'm way too much of a chicken!

  2. oh no! she threw up! I'm glad you all could laugh :-D I'd like to do that (sky dive) haha


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