Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glorious 7 mile run

Last night Caitlin, Ryan, and I went for a 7 mile run (well Ryan did 8 including his own speed work, since he has a marathon in October).  While we ended up with positive splits, I thought the run was great!  I felt really good during and after the run!  I think my pre-run fuel of some popcorn and a banana with peanut butter worked very well (I was starving and was going to be running through my usual dinner time).

Here are the splits (I stopped my Garmy during water breaks, there were two before the half way mark, one right at 3.5 miles, and then the two on the way back.  I only wanted to know our actual running pace):

Mile 1:  10:57
Mile 2:  11:07
Mile 3:  11:20
Mile 4:  11:33
Mile 5:  11:36
Mile 6:  11:40
Mile 7:  11:47

The only downfall was that my foot started hurting again.  I have been wearing those amazing insoles I purchased, and they worked wonders before, but now it is beginning to hurt again.  I am wondering if part of the problem is that I am not always going at my natural pace so maybe I am slacking on my form.  I really need to pay attention to keeping good form no matter what my pace is or how tired I am.

Now I am off to meet up to celebrate Ryan's birthday.  Happy Birthday Ryan!


  1. Happy Birthday Ryan :)

    Banana was great for a pre-race snack for me as well. I always eat one before my long runs :)

    Good job on your run! I hope your foot is feeling better soon!!!

  2. no kidding, 7 miles is awesome!! Jes, you rock :)

    Hopefully ur foot doesn't act up too much and is already feeling much better. i always get so scared when something starts to "twinge" or feel off. i fear something worse will happen lol.

    hope Ryan has a fabulous birthday!

    oh and sadly i dont own a squirrel, but im definitely hoping when i get my own place i can look into getting one. that would be so awesome! <3


  3. Awesome 7 miles. Did you go see someone about your foot recently? You don't want to injure it any more by running on it. Hope it feels better!

    My other question: Which Garmin do you use?

  4. Thanks for your kind post an my blog today :)

  5. Great job on your 7 miler! I'm sorry about your poor tootsies. :( I hope you can get it ironed out soon.

    Happy birthday to Ryan. Also, I'm so glad you liked Yoga Meltdown! I'm a huge fan!

  6. hey woman!

    just stopping by to thank you for being part of the love bomb team. i really appreciate you and it's so great to have you. :)

    enjoy your weekend!!

    - lauren

  7. You had a great run in tere keep it up...:D


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