Thursday, September 23, 2010

ExerciseTV quickies

Yesterday I did a 4 mile solo run in 38:30.  I was happy with the pace; although, it was tough.  Tonight I tuned into ExerciseTV and did a 10 minute killer arm work-out then 10 minutes of abs.  The arm work-out was killer considering I have zero upper body strength.  The work-out may have been short, but it felt great! 

I have been having troubles sleeping lately, so I am hoping a weight work-out will help me sleep.  I'm off to drink some Tazo Relax tea and try to.... well... relax!  I hope you all are having a great week!

I leave you with some more picture of my beautiful purple flowers.  As the dye is washing away, the flowers are turning many shades of purple.  I love it!



  1. Those are pretty pics of your flowers.
    yeah...ummm...don't tell anybody I just said that.

  2. LOVE the flowers, such a pretty color! :) Hope you are sleeping better!

  3. Hehe, thanks guys! I love flowers! I just wish my cats didn't try to eat them! LOL


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