Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love to paint!

I have had quite the busy week so far! Monday Caitlin and I did a very, very easy 3 mile run (36:37), since we were sore from the 13.4 the day before. I needed to run on Monday, because I knew I wouldn't have time on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tuesday Chris's mom came up and brought me an awesome cake with purple icing and a gift for my upcoming birthday. My future in-laws are amazing!
Wednesday I went with Chris's sister Jessica, her boyfriend Chris (yes, 2 Jessica's and 2 Chris's), and met our friends Nick and Federica for Canvas and Cocktails at Infusion Tea. There was a painting instructor, Bethany, who instructed us on how to mix our acrylic paints and gave wonderful painting tips and instructions. We were supposed to work on still life, but I saw a picture of tree that I loved and decided to build off of that. The instructor was really sweet and came around to everyone several times to offer help and support. The price also included a glass of wine and for an added fee a salad or wrap. I had so much fun! I have always wanted to try painting, and I loved it! When I was younger, I took art classes in school, but never in paint. I have found a new love! After I graduate, I want to look into taking a painting class. After, Jessie, her Chris, and I stopped for some frozen yogurt. Yum! I am currently on the old blogger setting and cannot add captions, so... The red painting below was done by Chris's sister, Jessie. She is sooooo talented! I painted the one with a girl on the swing. Jessie's Chris painted the one that my kitty, Zack, loved the best.
Tonight Caitlin and I ran 4 endless miles. Maybe because it was so hot, the run seemed to last forever. Our time was 47:40. I think next week I want to do a little speed work to really get my heart going. Today Chris and I received a gift from one of his good friends. She and her husband sent us Tervis tumblers that say "bride" and "groom". I love them!!
I have plans tomorrow night that will keep me out late, then Saturday is my birthday! I love my birthday week!

I know I am wayyyy behind on blogging my days of self love, but I will catch up eventually. As I said, I have been busy doing fun things! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! And I love your picture the best. It's really great. :) Have a fun birthday week!

  2. happy belated birthday!!! that makes u a virgo right? hehe <3

    oh i already knew u were so creative, but after seeing your paintings im EVEN MORE impressed!! i love painting too :)



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