Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ah... dear old mom....

I did not mention in my race report about my conversation with my mother after the race. The day before the race she sent me an e-mail saying she would be cheering me on from home, and she expected me to come in first place (Joking of course... because we all know that will NEVER happen... and I'm perfectly okay with that!).

After the race she called me, and I told her I was really excited because I ran the entire race at under a 10 minute per mile pace. She asked what my overall time was, and I told her. Then my dear, sweet, sometimes-makes-me-feel-like-I-must-be-adopted mother said completely seriously, "But I thought you said you finished it in under 10 minutes?" Uhhhhh..... My response was, "Seriously mom??? You think I ran 13.1 miles in under 10 minutes??" To which she responded, "Yeah sure, why not?" She clearly was not thinking at that time. I mean let's do the math, shall we? Let's say I finished in exactly 10 minutes... I would have been running at nearly 79 miles per hour!!! While it would be extremely awesome to have super speed, I do NOT possess that power. I have to admit that after that conversation my 2:06:56 time seemed a little on the long side.

However, leave it to my mom to still make me feel like a "queen of running" even though she seems to be clueless when it comes to distance and time calculations. I received the BEST card in the mail yesterday. My mom is hilarious when it comes to cards… they always include silly sayings on the envelopes (this one read “Stomped With Running Shoes" right on the seal). I took a picture of the actual card... Note the little stick-figure I circled in red. In case you can't read it, the card says, "Not only were you up for the challenge, you went above and beyond it. Congratulations." Inside she wrote how proud she was of me (Awwww) and drew a silly picture of a stick-figure with a crown running towards a finish line, complete with a cheering section and the words "Run, run as fast as you can, you can't out run Jessica, She's the 'Queen' of Running Land!" She also included a ribbon that says "Grand (insert the handwritten words: "Great Running and new distance!") Prize Winner (insert more handwritten words: "To Jessica 12/07"). And the back has my name and "13.1 mile Queen".

Alright so I didn't inherit my math skill from my mother (or her amazing spelling skills, because thank goodness for spell-check!), I was not the first place finisher in the race, and I definitely did not run at 80 miles per hour... but I still feel pretty darn special! Seriously, you know you are jealous of my fantastic card and crazy mother!

I am finally walking without a limp. Actually, I’ve been walking like a normal human being for a couple of days now. Monday I relaxed and did chores are predicted. Tuesday I needed to work out, because I was feeling “bleh”. My hips were still a bit tight, but a half an hour in the pool did them good. It felt really good to get back in the pool, since it has been a couple of weeks. Unfortunately after this week I will only be able to go on the weekends, because the school gym hours are changing for the break. I will try to fit it in when I can though.

Yesterday I went to my first spin class in MONTHS! It was GREAT! Man have I missed spinning… the loud music, the yelling instructor making me push harder, the disgusting sweaty shirt when I’m finished… ahhh yes, it was wonderful! However… having not been on the saddle in quite some time, my butt is a bit sore today. I am going to have to get used to the seat again. I deserve it though for not fitting in more spin classes. I did feel a “twinge” of pain in my hips and knees still, but nothing bad.

I figure tonight I’ll go for a nice easy 2 mile run with the roommate. I’m hoping to be able to run my eight miles for the “8 on the 8th” (or in my case 7th) race tomorrow before heading out of town for the weekend. I’m finally going back home to visit family. I haven’t been back in a few months, and I definitely need to see them. I know I won’t fit in any working out though, so hopefully the 8 miles will happen tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Belated congrats on your race! That's a great time! Awesome job. As for your mom, well, I think many of us can relate -- we all have friends and family who are supportive but not really in full comprehension.

  2. That's an awesome card from your mom. I just love it! What a great way to make you feel like you're on top of the world.

  3. What a cute mom! That's so funny, too. I get asked if I "won" whenever I tell anyone I did a race. Uhm... yep. Sure did. I won.

    80 miles per hour, eh?


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