Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My very first run in the cold!

Last night was my very first run in the cold...about 2.7 miles in 26 minutes… including walking time in the middle. Recall that I only started running in January and it was just in the treadmill. I don't believe I ventured out-doors until March... and I do live in Florida.

Just last week the temperature was in the 80s, but last night it dipped down to the mid 40’s with a wind-chill that made it feel more like 40F outside. I was freezing (okay sure, I didn’t look anything like the picture of the ice cold woman, but that’s how I felt. LOL) I was bundled up much more than Chris and Kyle, who ran with me. In fact, Kyle was wearing shorts and Chris a t-shirt. (I initially questioned their sanity, but considering they were sweating by the end... they knew what they were doing.)

It was decided that we would run to a particular corner and back. I fell behind as usual, since my pace was slower than theirs. The distance to the corner was approximately 1.2 miles (the boys each have a Garmin), and I averaged probably around a 9:30 pace (estimatation based on what their pace was). Then we walked for a bit, which was good since I needed to catch my breath. My lungs stung a bit as I expected, but I did not anticipate my ears hurting. I would describe it as the aching inner-ear pain you feel if you have an ear infection. By the end of the run it did go away, which I was thankful for. I probably averaged about the same pace for the run back, because there was a bit more distance between me and them on the way back, and their pace had increased.

I hope that my next half marathon, in February, isn’t this cold. (That’s right people… The roommate and I are officially registered!!!) On my drive home last night I called my friend who was previously stationed in Alaska. He said until my eye lids freeze shut and/or open, I’m not allowed to complain about the cold. LOL

God bless all of you who live where it actually snows! I don't know how you manage!!! In fact, this weekend I actually drank HOT coffee... considering I only ever drink iced, it was a pretty big deal.


This weekend I went to Chris’s work Christmas party. It was a dinner cruise and sooo much fun! There was good food, wine, and dancing. Below is a picture of us before the party.

I did rest this past weekend as I said would (excluding dancing in heels. lol). Saturday I was still limping a bit, but felt much better by Sunday. Today my left knee is sore from yesterday’s run, but my hip feels great. The roommate and I are going to do an arms/abs work-out before spinning this evening. Then I think I’ll ice my knee before we head out to finish some Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow the roommate and I are planning an easy three mile run. I’m not sure what the plans are for the rest of the week yet.


  1. Hmm, I'm not sure thats cold; but I suppose its all relative!

    Last winter I had some runs where I looked just about as bad as the girl in that picture. I came back and my roommate just started laughing at me; I had to look in the mirror to see why. I literally had icicles dangling from my face, and my beard was frozen solid!

    Your lungs will get used to it pretty quick, just stick with it!

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  3. Oops sorry about the deleted comment. I said I was training for a marathon. Oops.. I'm really training for a HALF in Feb. Big differnce.

    You look great in the pic. Love the dress.

  4. Great pic -- you guys look like a happy couple!


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