Friday, December 14, 2007

And the "Idiot of the Year Award" goes to.... Jes!

Eight miles for Friday...


Extremely sore hip and aching knees...

...check! check!

Well the roommate and I did it. We decided to run in the morning since the temperature has been in the 80s in the evening. Plus we knew we'd be less likely to skip the run if we got it over with in the morning. I got up at five this morning (she got up a half hour later) and at six we headed out for our run. The last time the roommate ran eight miles was back in October I think; otherwise, she's stuck to less than six. Although, she did run seven this past weekend in 87 minutes. Today we ran (and walked a few times when I was certain my knees and hip were about to fall off) eight in 98 minutes.

I'm certain that my knees and hip have never hurt this much during a run.


This is pretty much how the inner conversation went with myself today:

Smart Jes: "Jessica, what in the world are you doing? You are going to hurt yourself... Don't you feel that sharp pain shooting down your leg? That's a sign you should stop. Two miles is enough!"

Idiot Jes: "I can run through it... besides, I said I'd run eight miles today. I blogged about it. I've felt like a slacker all week... not swimming Tuesday, only running two miles Wednesday, and completely skipping the arm/ab work-out yesterday to do laundry. I HAVE to do all eight miles."

Smart Jes: "You are just going to injure yourself. I mean really, the knees are NOT happy right now, and you know your right leg is extremely tight right now. Don't you feel that stabbing pain in your hip and butt?"

Idiot Jes: "Shut up! The roommate needs to go eight miles, and so do I. I won't run at all this weekend. I'll take it easy after this."

Smart Jes: "You're soooo going to regret this."

Idiot Jes: "Okay... I'll walk just a little bit. I mean that's not cheating, right? Nah... walking for a little bit is okay... Ahhh... that feels better!"

Smart Jes: "Told ya."

Idiot Jes: "Last mile... I can run the last mile... okay I can slowly jog the last mile and curse at myself the entire time... ow..."

**End of Eight Miles*

Smart Jes: "How do you feel?"

Idiot Jes:

Smart Jes: "I told you....... You should have listened to me."

Idiot Jes: "At least I did it! I said I'd do it, and I did! Time for more ibuprofen. The foam roller is definitely going to work with me today. And Yes... next week I'm taking it easy!"


  1. Geeze Jes, you went on a commenting rampage today!

    In response to the DHMO link, I don't think I've seen that specific one. But a few years ago there was an entire website devoted to it and it cracked me up! I try to throw it around occasionally since.

    Take it easy on those sore spots; they'll thank you later! Believe me, I know!

  2. I have had that EXACT internal dialogue before!


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