Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Catching Up!

The nice easy two mile run last Thursday turned out to be a rather painful run. The roommate and I did finish the two miles, but my left leg cramped half way through and my hip was still pretty sore.

I ended up going back home to visit my family and see my friend in a play. The play was excellent! My friend was "George Bailey" in "It's A Wonderful Life" (see picture). Sadly I did not run my 8 miles on the 8th... I was a bit disappointed, but I know my hip was not ready for it yet.

Last night, however, I ran with Chris. I decided that any time I run with him can be logged as speed work for me. We ran 3.6 miles in 33 minutes, then walked 0.2, then ran the rest of the way to reach 5.3 miles (in a total time of 47 minutes). That was definitely a work-out for me. During the first part I was fighing off a cramp and slight nausea, but it went away (Yay!). It felt really good to run again!

Today my right leg (mostly the outside of my thigh) is tight and my left knee hurts, but I have a feeling swimming is going to help it.

Here's the plan for the week:

Tuesday: Swim for an hour and arm/ab work-out
Wednesday: Run 5K then spinning
Thursday: Swim and arms/abs again
Friday: 8 miles (this will be the roommate's longest run so far... well she did 8 miles once before... she's determined to run a half marathon! I'm soooo proud!)

I'm not sure if I'll do anything over the weekend. That's up in the air. I know I have a Christmas party and graduation party on Saturday.

I am also going to try and stick to eating well. I slacked off this weekend, and the fact that one of my best friends just sent me a one pound brick of pumpkin fudge doesn't help. (I think her plan is to make me fat. lol I will be taking it to the Christmas party to share... and of course try some myself!)

I'm still extremely behind on blog reading!! I even missed out on telling Amy good luck on her marathon! What a fantastic time! Congratulations Amy!!! I hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Oh the joys of life after long distance races!

    Don't push yourself too hard too soon Jes. As a rule of thumb, you should take as many days easy as there were miles in your race. But if your body says "NO!" its okay to give it more rest!

  2. Hope you're feeling better and are having a fun and safe Holiday Season!!!


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