Friday, April 17, 2009

Challenge Tests

We did the challenge tests today. I cannot successfully do one real push-up. I can't make myself go all the way down. I can do at least 10 on my knees, but since I can't do one full push-up, I'm going to say that I'm starting at the lowest level for the push-up challenge. The squat and sit-up tests were much easier. I'm in the top rank for both of those.

After the tests, Caitlin and I did our usual Friday work-out. This afternoon is a Women In Science Luncheon that I'm really looking forward to. After is the Annual Chemistry Picnic at school. That is usually fun. Good food and a lot of nerds. It's my kind of place. (o;

Oh, I got an A in seminar! I am so relieved to be done with seminar this semester! In the fall I will give the official seminar to faculty and students, but until then I will just be doing more research on background materials. By the way, my seminar is on stand-off detection of explosives using photothermal imaging and a variation of photoacoustic spectroscopy. I've linked some articles about them. The actual journal articles are pretty interesting. I'm excited about it (I'm such a dork!).

Time to be lazy before the luncheon. Have a great weekend all!

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