Friday, April 3, 2009

Interval Day

Today was chest, shoulders, and triceps day. My arms are really tired. Then we did abs. Then we did 20 minutes of intervals on the track. The track is only an eight of a mile loop. We jogged one straight and the curves and sprinted the other straight. We did six before walking a lap, then did six more. I pushed myself pretty hard on the sprints just trying to keep up with someone else (she's crazy fast!). The work-out was a really exhausting, but also a really great work-out.

So it's looking like my potential cruise might be in May. I was hoping to have a little more time to tone before the cruise, but I the earlier we go the cheaper the trip will be. I also have to take a test to get a new license for work sometime in July, and I may be going on a work trip to South Carolina in June or July. Of course in May I am also giving a poster presentation (no big deal), and I was supposed to run a 5K... I can't skip the presentation, so my 5K may be rescheduled. We'll see what happens. Now I need to find a bathing suit!

Tonight I go to watch one of the girls I tutor in a pageant. I think I'll be a fun experience. I'm looking forward to getting dressed up, although the weather outside is pretty dreadful today. I'm hoping the rain will pass so my hair will look decent tonight.

Back to working on seminar... bleh.

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