Thursday, April 23, 2009

Counting down to vacation!

Tuesday I did not end up running. I slept in, which was wonderful. I went to work and my experiment cooperated for the most part, which is always nice. Just as I was getting ready to leave, I started to feel really bad. Rather than running, I opted to go home and take a nap. I slept for at least an hour. Then I went to the tanning bed. I don't usually tan. In fact the last time I tanned was probably a year ago. I wanted to get a little bit of a tan so the people on the cruise wouldn't be blinded by my whiteness. Apparently I stayed in a bit too long, and I have a slight sunburn.

On Wednesday Caitlin and I had a great legs work-out. We took our cardio a little easier due to Caitlin's headache, and we ended up walking up and down the stairs and ramps of one of the parking garages. It wasn't so much cardio, but it was a good work-out. By the way, the squats challenge is really making my butt hurt! I don't think my butt has ever had such a great work-out. Sad, I know. But soon it will look great in a bathing suit! Why is that so great? Because.... Two weeks from Saturday starts my cruise! I absolutely need a vacation, and I cannot wait for it get here! (Oh yeah, I know you're sick of reading about it.)

Wednesday Caitlin and I took a study break to go shopping at Ross. We each found three dresses for our cruise. The dresses are very casual and we intend to wear them over bathing suits. My dresses came to a grand total of $34! I love Ross! I can't believe I'm actually intending on wearing so many dresses. It should be fun.

Tomorrow we meet at the gym in the morning, then we will spend the rest of the day studying. Bleh. At least the semester is almost finished.

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