Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Going On A Cruise!

Okay so it's finally official... tickets are purchased! I am going on my first cruise one month from tomorrow! We are going to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I am so excited!!!! I will have to make sure to go bathing suit shopping before the trip. Oh I can't wait!

Today was a legs work-out. It was a really good work-out! I didn't run yesterday, but I was at work and/or school all day long. I have an inorganic test in about 20 minutes, then I have to give a practice seminar presentation today and tomorrow in preparation for the real deal next week. Bleh. And I have another presentation for my organic synthesis on Monday. YUCK!

Despite all the presentation practicing I'll be doing this weekend, I'm looking forward to going to Chris's parents' house for the Easter weekend.

Well I better head over to my test. YAY for my cruise!!!!!

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