Monday, June 14, 2010

Heat index of 100, Yuck!

The past few Mondays I have been running with the Run With It running club, but sadly today I found out that it has been canceled until further notice. )o:  When I found out that it was canceled, I made plans to run with Caitlin this evening.  We planned to meet up at 7, but at 6:30 I was watching the news which told me the temperature outside was 95 F but that it felt like 100 F outside!  As much as I wanted to run, I knew it would not be smart.  I was super hot after my run yesterday and did not want to repeat that.  In the future we will have to run really early or maybe even later in the evening.  Caitlin and I rescheduled our run for really early in the morning. 

How do you deal with the heat?


  1. I usually do my weekday runs at the gym. In order to make it less boring, I do speed or hill intervals. On weekends I get up at 5:30 in order to get my long runs in. It's difficult to get up so early, but the nice thing is when you come back you still have all day! :)

  2. I pour water in my palms when I'm running. It cools down my whole body, oddly enough. I also dump it on my head. :)
    Be careful in that heat! It's definitely much cooler in the morning, and I always like getting up before everyone else.

  3. Hate running in the heat! I will take a winter run any day - even though I love summer. Early morning runs or hitting the ol' dreadmill. I know it's not as fun but I can't hack the heat.


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