Friday, June 18, 2010

Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz!

Tuesday morning Caitlin and I ran 5 miles in 59:53, then we ran another 3 miles on Wednesday in 34:22, and finally 3 miles last night in 31 minutes.  I have discovered that I have more energy and it is not as hot at night.  After our run, Zack decided he wanted to rub his face all over Caitlin's Vibrams.  What a strange cat.

Wednesday night Chris and I saw the play Chicago with some friends.  I loved it! 

I apologize for the lack of posting.  I have been working like crazy on my candidacy.  I keep coming up with new ideas only to have them not work.  I even had one really brilliant idea that turned out to not be my brilliant idea but really me just remembering someone else's work that I read. Oops!  Luckily I quickly figured that out!  While I have been a bit stressed over coming up with an idea, I have managed to stay mostly calm.  I have been doing pretty good (I have my days) at staying relaxed.  I have also been remembering to take my vitamins every day.

I am going to try and keep up with my blogging this next week, and I am happy that I have at least kept up with running.  I hope that you all are doing wonderful!  I am going to visit family for the weekend, and I cannot wait! Have a wonderful weekend!

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