Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday evening I went to the Lululemon Run With It Club.  On the way, I drove through pouring rain, but luckily we did not get rained out for our run.  It ended up being just myself and Ashely.  We ran 5.13 miles in 55:35 minutes and had a wonderful time just chatting.  We had a few brief stops, including Ashley showing me some yoga poses and advertising the running group to other people.

Today is National Running Day.  Did you run today?  Caitlin and I did our first trail run today!  We went to some trails on campus and when we parked we saw two deer.  We kept coming to dead ends and having to back track, and there were several short distances where we had to walk due to mud and slippery bridges (there were about 4 little bridges).  In front of one of the bridges there was a toll keeper turtle.  He was so cute!  We ended up going 2.3 miles in 31:49.  The pace may not be amazing, but it was fun!  I am hoping to find some longer trails to test out. 

I am waaaaaay behind in blog reading, but I hope to catch up this coming weekend.  I have been working on school stuff and trying to relax more before bed by completely disconnecting.  I hope that you all are doing well!  

Here are a few pics of my little Kirby being silly and popping in and out of the "kitty condo".

Below are a few more pictures from the Pig Dig where the bones have been cleaned using a toothbrush and water.
Most of the skeleton on a trash bag

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