Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My little sister has graduated and my niece turned 2!

My youngest sister graduated from high school this past weekend!  I am so very proud of her!  I even got teary eyed a few times.  I can't believe that my 10 year reunion from the same high school is this year (I was even in the first graduating class).  My how time has flown by, but I can honestly say that I do not miss high school at all.

My niece's second birthday was on Friday as well.  We had a little birthday party for her.  She is getting so big!

This weekend also marked a year since Chris and I went to London.  That was such a wonderful trip, and I cannot wait to go back one day!

In running news, I ran 5 miles Sunday morning at a 10:29 pace.  I left my place at 7:30 am but was still completely soaked by 2 miles.  The run was really great though!  On Monday I went tot he Run With It group and again it was just myself and Ashley.  We only did a little over 3 miles since it looked like it was about to pour.  I'm not sure what our time was, because I forgot Garmy. 

I hope that you all are having a great week so far!

Here are some pics:

Joy loves chocolate cake!

Joy with the Dora bubble machine

She insisted on having her face right in front of the bubbles.

My brother and sister

Little sis and big sis

My gorgeous sister! (A senior photo)

In front of St. Paul's Cathedral last summer.

Yay for London!
So happy in London!

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  1. Your niece is so adorable!! Sounds like you had a great and exciting weekend and good job on your run!! :)


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