Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swim lessons, Toe touches, Vibrams, and the Beach!

I have missed blogging!!!!  My schedule has been packed full of fun and exciting events!

First of all, I started beginner swim lessons.  That's right, swim lessons!  I am determined to get this whole breathing-while-swimming thing down, because I really want to do a triathlon one day.  The classes are Monday and Wednesday for an hour.  It turns out that one of the teachers (young life guard guys) told myself and three other people in the class interested in triathlons that the intermediate level would be more ideal.  I figure this class certainly cannot hurt me, and it will help to slowly increase my stamina in the water as well as reduce the amount of "freak-out" from being afraid of drowning.  Then I will take the intermediate class in the fall.  So far we are doing a lot of kick board swimming and beginning strokes with breathing.  I have a way to go, but I am determined to do this.  I forgot just how great of a work-out swimming can be.  Especially when you make it part of a brick work-out.  After the first class, last Wednesday, I met with Caitlin and we ran 4 miles (46:05min).  My legs were tired, and I was starving after we finished!  (We also ran 4 miles on Thursday in 45:11.)  The second lesson (Monday) I did the 4 mile run before swim lessons (39:51min), but that was probably a mistake because it was really hot outside, and I felt light-headed after I finished.  Luckily the pool felt great after that!  My third class was this evening, and I think I actually did free style swim for a short distance! HOORAY!  I am on my way!!!

After my swim, I met with Caitlin and Ryan for another 4 mile run (that is the magic number right now I guess).  We ran it in 46:09 min.  A little under a mile away from the end, Caitlin saw a frog.  Now Caitlin is absolutely terrified of frogs.  I mean really afraid of them.  In the past she has jumped into the road in order to avoid a frog.  Tonight she jumped into me, which pushed me into a fence.  I have some pictures of my injuries, since I joked that I was going to blog about it.  In all honesty, it only stung when it first happened.  The pictures look worse than it really feels (and the pictures aren't bad either).  It was funny though.  Better than jumping in front of a car!
A picture I took in London last year, just for Caitlin.

The brown discoloration is either dirt or paint, so it isn't as bad as it looks.
Other elbow

I am really loving the brick work-outs, because I feel like they are really helping to improve my endurance.  I have plans to do an hour and half of hot yoga tomorrow followed by hopefully a four mile run.  I cannot wait!  I am really craving yoga!  I cannot believe how much I enjoy it.  I have been doing a bit of yoga every day.  Before my first yoga class a few weeks ago, I could barely touch my toes, but now I can easily grab my feet over my toes!  I am so excited!  I am finally able to do downward dog with my heals touching the ground!  I am also able to lower myself from a plank without "flopping".  I am definitely looking forward to getting "yoga arms".  I even have plans to run and go to hot yoga tomorrow.  Yay!

Another really great benefit to extra work-outs is that I am sleeping so well!  I have also been enjoying Tazo Rest tea before bed.  I think it really does help me relax and sleep well.

Now this past weekend, Chris and I went to Sarasota to visit his family.  While we were there, we went to the Fit2Run store.  After my runs last week, I had to take a few days off, because the ball of my foot was hurting again.  We went to Fit2Run to buy insoles for my shoes.  I stood on some nifty device that showed me where how I apply pressure to my feet.  If you notice in the picture, I apply a lot of pressure at the balls and heels of my feet, especially on the left foot (the sore foot).  The insoles that I purchased Aetrex Lynco insoles with metatarsol arch support for the ball of the foot.  My foot is still adjusting to the insole, because it honestly feels like there is a rock in my shoe; however, it has really alleviated the pain in my foot.  YAY!

We also went to the Fit2Run store for another purpose... to buy Vibram Fivefinger shoes!  I tried on three different styles: Bikila, Sprint, and KSO.  I found the KSOs to be the most comfortable on my foot.  The only color they had in stock were black.  Chris's mom was super awesome and bought a pair for myself and Chris (he got sprints in red).
Getting fitted
My new Vibrams!
KSO stands for Keep Stuff Out, hence the mesh covering.
Chris's sprint style

I love them!  They are definitely going to take some getting used to though.  The website says to start slow!  I also went to Sports Authority and purchased a kick board to help me practice swimming and a yoga mat towel.  I love it!

We also went out to Siesta Key beach for a bit, which was wonderful!  That is my favorite beach! (I did not take any pictures, because I didn't want to get sand in my camera or have to worry about it when I went in the water.)  Chris's mom even bought me some new flip flops.  One of them is made out of real yoga mats!  They are very comfortable!  The weekend was absolutely wonderful, and it was exactly the break I needed. 

I hate to just end this, but I am exhausted!  I know my blogging has decreased, but be sure to stay tuned....Next week starts marathon training!  EEK!  I'm so excited!!!  Have a wonderful rest of the week all!


  1. You are doing great on your runs, 4 miles is a good distance, especially after swimming 1 hour! You will do great in your marathon training :)

    I LOVE the toe shoes. They kind of look like gorilla toes :)

  2. I laugh about my gorilla feet every time I wear them!


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