Thursday, November 15, 2007

8 on the 8th, Frak! and Fencing!

Swimming update:

I am sad to say that I am not a natural when it comes to swimming. I knew it would be difficult, but getting over the whole fear of drowning was a bit harder than anticipated. I practiced Tuesday and last night was the last swim lesson. I am disappointed to admit that I still do not have free-style down. It's not that I'm not trying, but that I cannot get the breathing down yet (I turn my head, but I'm too far under the water to get air). The coach told me to keep practicing my drills so my body will be more "balanced". This will result in my sinking less and being closer to the surface of the water, hence being able to get my face out of the water to catch a breath without having to lift my head. She told me that if I keep practicing it will just eventually happen. The coach also mentioned that she may teach the class again next semester... since it will be my last semester at the school, I may just take it again (it's free). I am not going to give up. I will compete in a triathlon eventually!

Running update:

I am sad to say that my running partner, Joe, has moved. I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze in a few runs together, but it won't be the same without him. (I miss you Joe!)

On a more positive note, I'm mentally feeling a lot better about the half marathon ever since my long run this past weekend. Thank you all for the support, high fives, and encouragement! I am once again very excited about the race!!! I am also excited about Non-Runner Nancy's 8 on the 8th race!!! This virtual race will take place between the 7th and 9th of December so not only is the race flexible with your schedule but it's also FREE!. I definitely plan to participate, and anyone else in blog-land who would like to join in the fun please check out the group over at the Runner's Lounge!

Tonight's work-out plan is to run 10K then go to power pilates.

Non-running related:

I am officially hooked on the series Battlestar Galactica (the newer series). That's right people... I even said "frack" the other day, much to my embarrassment! I have successfully made it through the first season, and I'm almost half way through the second (2.0 for those who know). If for some crazy chance any of you have seen this, please do not spoil the upcoming episodes for me. Also, the two-hour event of BSG Razor comes on Thanksgiving weekend, for those who are interested. (I'm pretty certain that I've mentioned how much of a dork I am before, but this blog should make it quite obvious. lol) Now I could not resist posting the picture that was sent to me today of the BSG ships made from legos. That's just amazing!

And finally, just to make sure you truly realize how much of a dork that I am... this one is for you P.O.M...

I finally pulled out the smelly fencing gear that has been hidden in the closet for close to 3 years now. Here it is... all of that wonderful, expensive gear I just had to have! (granted the blue mask and foil were given to me when my friend moved) Featured here is the bag for carrying said gear, two masks (love the blue one!), jacket, chest protector (that's right, and believe me you appreciate it!!), glove (right-handed) and two foils (the blue one is a french grip and the other is a visconti pistol grip).

And here I am ladies and gentlemen sporting the ever popular chest protector. Not only does it keep the weapon (foil in my case) from giving you a new piercing, but it also apparently triples the size of my chest. Hmmm, maybe I should wear this every day! (Note: They are available for men as well!)

I have my foil in hand! En garde!

Finally, please pay no attention to my horrendous form (it's been a while folks), but here ya go. For anyone interested, fencing is a great leg and butt work-out, with all those lunges! ouch!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!!


  1. Keep at it with the swimming, you'll get it eventually! Here's a few tid bits my coach told me, that could help you too.

    First, only get your mouth half out of the water. But thats ludacris you say! Actually, its not that bad, because secondly, she says you should almost always have water in your mouth! Those two things really helped me get my breathing down, which was my main limiter in swimming since I'm used to having my precious oxygen whenever I want!

  2. Oh my, those fencing gear pictures are priceless!

  3. SWEET!! Remind me never to get in a sword fight with you LOL

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. That is awesome. So, do they come in different sizes? The chest protector cracks me up. I wonder if it would fit on my boobs. You totally should have worn that for halloween. ha ha

  5. Wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley! Scary!

    Battle Star Galactica? Not the same without Loren Greene.

    Good luck on the race.


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