Saturday, November 10, 2007


Here's how this week went down:

Tuesday: No intervals, because the roomy and I decided we wanted to get in a really good swim, and I didn't want my legs too sore for the rest of the week. Swimming was exhausting and frustrating. But on a good note the pool was warmer than last week!

Wednesday: No arms and abs... instead I met a friend for dinner. lol. Swim class was um.... frustrating. I just cannot get down the breathing for free-style. I'm still mentally struggling with the lack-of-air fear. Grrr... this is going to be even more challenging than I anticipated, but I WILL get it eventually... After being frustrated and exhausted, I watched the movie 300 on HD. It was great!

Thursday: 6 mile run. Here is where the pain set in. By mile 3 my right hip and the outside of my right thigh were killing me. My right hip (and butt region) is still killing me. )o: How am I supposed to make it 13.1 miles?? Maybe I just need to build up more. After the run was power pilates, which I totally kicked butt in! I'm back on my game in pilates at least! (and this was definitely and arms/abs/legs work-out! I have got to work on my hamstrings!)

Friday: Short swim.

I hope to run 10 miles this weekend, but it looks like I'll be pushing that back to Sunday in hopes my hip feels better by then. Mentally, I need to run 10 this weekend.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. Once you get that 10 done, you'll feel better. Good luck with it!

  2. Ouch... you really might want to see a P.T. If you have insurance, they cover it. It could be IT Band issues or something that you want to catch sooner than later. I was totally scared to go, but so glad I did. Just a thought.

    In the meantime - Advil can be your best friend. I popped 4 before my marathon and 2 more during it.


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