Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Get Shiggy Wit It.... and Tag, You're It!

Kyle was most definitely not joking about the shiggy! To the right is a picture of my nasty shoes and socks that I took this morning after last night's hash (I was so tired I left them in the bag to be dealt with today... and the socks went straight to the trash).

The hare (Kyle) started running a few minutes after 7 pm. The rest of us began ten minutes later, following the trail of flour and toilet paper. Now we are not supposed to use flash lights, but it would have been terrible without one. We ran through a narrow path in the woods which eventually led to a muddy path. The muddy path soon turned into a swamp! Just before having to wade through ankle to knee-deep water (in the dark remember), a little snake swam past me... that was a bit unnerving. Eventually we reached a boardwalk, but not before my foot got stuck in the mud. The hare was eventually snared (which means someone caught him before he made it to the end), but it wasn't by myself. I was definitely slow yesterday. During the run my hip was pretty sore, but today it feels great! Maybe running through mud and water is the cure for a sore hip.

After the run we participated in "circle" and ate delicious chili and pasta. It was fun being with the new hashing crowd. There were some really hilarious hashers there. By the end of the night I was freezing and ready to get out of those disgusting shoes and pants. Despite the mud and cold, I really did enjoy the hash. It was a lot of fun. I cannot wait for the next one! And here is a map of the route the hare took (we of course ventured off this during "checks"). I was told by the hare that the trail was 2.92 miles. It seemed a lot longer to me.

Jess over at 21 Days tagged everyone to list 5 random things about yourself, so here goes...

1. I cannot lick Popsicle sticks. Just the mere thought makes me cringe!
2. I broke my best friend's nose when we were kids after I watched the movie Dirty Dancing for the first time... we tried to do the dance move that involves one person going under the other person's legs, but she ended up falling on her face. We both laughed hysterically until she realized her nose was bleeding.
3. I used to be in a fencing club. I even own all my own gear.
4. As a kid I would eat mustard sandwiches... just mustard and bread. Nothing else. I still do on occasion.
5. I never believed in Santa Claus as a kid.

Now I am tagging all of you. List 5 random things about yourself, and have a great rest of the week! (o:


  1. Those are a very interesting 5! So, did you not believe in santa because you possessed superior reasoning skills or did your parents never use the myth? Instead, they just fed you mustard on bread and called it a sandwich?

  2. Nope, my mom didn't believe in telling me the myth. I feel like I missed out... lol.

  3. Fencing? Whoa. That is seriously cool. Like Dream Cool.

  4. Hash is somethign I have never heard of, but I have to admit it looks pretty darn fun.


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