Monday, November 12, 2007

I made it 10 miles!

Well I did it. I ran 10 miles this weekend. This was the longest distance that I've ever run by myself (the roommate was out of town), but I did enjoy getting lost in my thoughts. I didn't run until Sunday when my leg and hip were feeling much better. I maintained a nice slow pace, and refrained from looking at my watch. I was determined to run for distance and not time (which ended up being 1:51:25). If I can keep that pace then I will just make my half-marathon goal of 2.5 hours, but right now my main focus is on finishing it and not on time (yeah right... come race day my head will be thinking something different LOL). By the end of the 10 miles my hip was pretty sore, but a combination of ibuprofen and the foam roller is helping it to feel better. I really should look into going to the student health center to ask about my hip (thanks for the suggestion P.O.M... sadly I do not have insurance). Oh yes, during my run I passed a bank that had the following sign displayed: "Why shouldn't you bring a turkey to church? Because of all the fowl language." *groan*

Tonight is another hash run and Kyle is the hare. I am so excited! I was told this hash has a "Get Shiggy Wit It" theme (read as lots of vegetation, mud, water, etc.).... I'm very excited about that! I will just have to be extra careful, because it is at night. I should probably go pick up a better flash-light before tonight. I will be sure to give you guys the update on how it goes! I can't wait!


  1. I agree that sometimes its nice to do those long runs on your own, never know what you'll end up thinking about!

    10 miles solo, way to go Jes! High five!

  2. Congrats on the 10. I think you're going to blow 2.5 hours out of the water.

  3. Congrats. If you can do 10, then you're totally ready for the half.

  4. 10 miles is a huge accomplishment. You're gonna shatter that 2.5 for the half!

  5. Thanks you guys! Your support means a lot. I am looking forward to the half marathon again!


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